How it all began…

So Natural Val was created in 2017…

At least that’s what Facebook says. I started using essential oils in 2014 to find a solution to a struggle. That’s where it begins for most people, with a strong desire to find a solution. It could be a health issue or a financial issue, an emotional issue or a physical issue. That desire to find a solution has led me to becoming a Natural Wellness Coach.

I meet new women every day who are struggling with something. I get to connect with those women and help them think about change, create a plan, and learn about natural solutions like essential oils, personal development, practicing gratitude, and creating simple habit changes. I am passionate about helping women find who they are (or remember who they were) and HOW they are so that they are taking steps towards change in a way that honors their own unique abilities and desires.

The best part about the work I do, is that I do it honoring my own strengths and talents and with 100% authenticity.

I show women an inspiring future of what could be. I learn and understand where their rules and beliefs come from. Every successful step, be it big or small, is celebrated. I offer something for everyone, no matter what phase of their journey they are in. Each one of my clients has been placed in my life for a specific reason. It is my passion to help them fix whatever has broken or rekindle their inner spark by sharing my personal experiences as well as my education in holistic and natural wellness. And it all comes with positivity, deep thought, laughter, empathy, and action to move forward one step or one leap at a time.

I am so excited to share this with each and every woman out there. I have been in the thick of things with my own personal struggles. Those lessons have built So Natural Val, just as much as the natural solutions have. I realized that my struggles aren’t just my own, they are actually quite common with other women as well. I now have the privilege of meeting amazing women and helping them move through those struggles.

I get to make a difference.

I get to empower women.

I get to create a nurturing and safe community.

I get to help women live intentionally from their heart.

I am grateful for your presence and I welcome you to my business!

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