It isn't just about an essential oil... It's about an essential change.

How it began....

Where to begin...

Are you a try it before you buy it kind of person? I am. That's why I've created the Essential Oil Experience. Too many times, I've invested in products that end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. That frustration led me to find a way to be very intentional about helping others find what works for them, that won't collect dust on a shelf somewhere.

In today's world, more and more people are looking for natural solutions and essential oils have become one of the most popular solutions. dōTERRA Essential Oils are CPTG® (Certified Pure Tested Grade) and are the #1 essential oil. Their research and development on essential oils and products is far above the standards of other companies. These essential oils are pure, powerful, and affordable and they have the ability to help your body live at it's best.

The Essential Oil Experience is an opportunity to learn which essential oils and products can benefit your body. The only investment is the cost of shipping your Essential Oil Experience Kit and a small investment in your day, maybe 10-15 minutes. In this experience, you will learn more about what essential oils are, how to use them, and how to create a personal natural wellness plan. You will receive samples of essential oils, an Essential Oil Experience journal, access to a private course, and a personal wellness consultation.

If you're ready to take find the solutions to help you live intentionally from your heart, all you have to do is sign up. Leave the rest to me.

Welcome Text: Good morning! Welcome to the first day of our Essential Oil Experience! I'm so grateful to have you here! Let's get started!

Creating Optimal Living

What is "optimal living"?

Imagine you're 20 years old. You've just started your journey into the real world and life is a little scary, but you're ready for it.

Now, imagine you're 40 years old. Lots of things have changed. You've traded nights out dancing to nights in with your kiddos. You've found a career. You're living your best life.

Now, imagine you're 70 years old. Life is a lot different from your 20s. Things have slowed down. You're more cautious.

What if you could live a life that feels like your 20s or 40s, even at your 70s?

That would be optimal living.