Creativity Opportunities

One of the best way to learn about essential oils is to get your hands on them. My DIY classes give you an opportunity to create a personalized gift for yourself or someone else and to learn more about essential oil use. When combining creative actions and education, you absorb and retain the information better.

Each month I collaborate with Woodland Market & Studios in Wallace, Idaho to host "Essential Paint Night". These DIY classes combine a theme for sign making that pairs with an essential oil roller or spray to replace common household products we use every day.

If you can't make it to one of the DIY classes, you can always host one that fits your schedule.

To learn more, or to schedule your class, connect with me and we'll get your class planned!

Creative Vision Experience

Coming Soon!

I have 3 very unique talents that I share with others. Future thinking, creative ideas, and all things happen for a reason. These talents have given me the ability to help other women find solutions for their wellness, relationships, livelihood, and faith.

They are downloads or gifts received that are meant to belong to someone else.

As this experience begins to form, I will be adding different resources and opportunities for each of you to participate in.

Until the concept is fully developed, know that I am ready to create your vision with you and gift you the path to success.