Essential Oils

Essential oils have become a mainstream health option. In the past few years you have seen them appear from network marketing companies to grocery store shelves and even gas station quick stops. Understanding where to begin, how to begin, or what to begin with can be overwhelming and even dangerous.

The number of essential oil companies in the world today are extensive. As I began my essential oil journey years ago, I researched dōTERRA and made sure that I was confident in using their essential oils for myself and for my family.

Over the years I have been part of a wave of validation and confirmation that dōTERRA is concerned with only one thing, the pursuit of purity.

Each year dōTERRA hosts an annual convention, a connection of the customers, wellness advocates, and naturalists who want nothing more than to better the world using essential oils and serving others. This year’s convention had all of excitement and fun as any other year except for one thing…

dōTERRA is bridging the gap between modern medical modalities and essential oils. That gap will begin to diminish as dōTERRA releases the information, peer studies, clinical studies, and scientific validation of essential oils that will soon be not just Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG®), but pharmaceutical grade essential oils.

This movement to bring natural wellness into the world of modern medicine is more important now than it ever has been. With recent events and threats to our overall health, any and all precautions and proactive measures are important. And having a pure, trusted, and unadulterated means of supporting our bodies is a top priority.

If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate essential oils into your natural wellness plan, or begin creating a natural wellness plan, reach out to me. Submit a consultation request and let’s learn which essential oils could best benefit your specific needs.

Being able to try things BEFORE you make an invest in them has always been one of the biggest selling points for me. I like to know that the person sharing their product uses it themselves and has faith in it’s effectiveness. I like to see how a person values their product enough to have extra on hand to share with others. I would much rather try something before investing to be sure it will work for me.

This is exactly how I like to share my knowledge of essential oils:

  1. What is your biggest concern in your emotional or physical health right now?
  2. What have you already tried or invested in that has or has not supported you?
  3. What would your life look like without this concern?
  4. Would a sampling, step-by-step approach to introduce you to a solution excite you?

The best opportunity to introduce anyone to essential oil use is through my Essential Oil Experience, a 7 day experience using samples, documenting your progress through journaling, and being supported through the entire process.

Registration is always open for the Essential Oil Experience. Complete a simple registration form, receive your samples in the mail, and start your journey. It’s that simple.

If you are no stranger to essential oil use and are ready to place an order, you’re just one click away from getting a wholesale account AND getting 100% from me in your essential oil journey.

Why would you want a wholesale account? To save money. A wholesale membership assures you are receiving the best price on dōTERRA Essential Oils. To place a regular order would mean paying 25% more than having your own account. Why would you want to do that?

But why would I sign up with you?

As a member of my dōTERRA family, you get the savings from the company but you also get exclusive access to my private online community, special workshops and trainings, coaching opportunities, and priority access to courses offered by my collaborative business partners.

In the private community we focus on personal development, natural solutions, holistic alternatives, and self-sustainability with no outside distractions of social media drama or judgement.

If you’d like to start your membership, just click on the button below.

If a membership is not in your plans right now, you can still order essential oils directly from my website and receive support and answers to any questions you have.

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