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The Power of Misfortune…

My journal prompt for today was difficult. There are certain words that trigger gut responses from me. “Little minds” and “subdued” are two of those. I don’t think people have little minds. That makes someone sound simple or unintelligent. I think everyone has great… Continue Reading “The Power of Misfortune…”

Making People FEEL

More than 80% of our actions are controlled by our emotions. How we feel establishes what we will do. Our actions influence other people, even when we aren’t directing our actions to them. If you are in line at the grocery store and someone… Continue Reading “Making People FEEL”

It’s the daily question that can put a mom over the edge. “What’s for dinner?” I have been struggling with dinner time for a while now. I have some picky eaters. I tried not to raise them that way, but it has happened. I… Continue Reading “”

Painting Your Thoughts

I’m a pretty crafty person. I like to create. When I see something crafty that I like, I will typically purchase it rather than make it. But when I think of something crafty I’d like to buy, I usually end up just making it… Continue Reading “Painting Your Thoughts”

Character vs. Reputation

A person’s character and a person’s reputation are two vastly different things. Your character is defined as: “the mental and moral qualities of a person.” Your reputation: “the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone.” “She’s always late. What a flake! Why… Continue Reading “Character vs. Reputation”

Be Who You Are…

If more of the world would be accepting of differences instead of pushing similarities, it could be a much better place. As a mom, I have read Dr. Seuss books so many times that I practically can recite them all. They are the best… Continue Reading “Be Who You Are…”


When I was 13 years old, there was a 1300 mile change in my life. My family moved away from the place I grew up, the only hometown I remembered, and the place where your friends were your friends because they were practically there… Continue Reading “Friends”

Are you a creative person?

If you’ve read any of my previous ramblings, you’ve heard me talk about the CliftonStrengths Assessment. This assessment is a battery of questions that go through an analyzation process to reveal what your strengths and talents are. I have been taught to look at… Continue Reading “Are you a creative person?”

The Power of Words

The language we use can energize us or stop us dead in our tracks. Words have the ability to change from positive to negative, depending on who is hearing them. A casual comment about your outfit can sound complimentary coming from someone, but the… Continue Reading “The Power of Words”

Do you know the way…

The end result of a goal or a milestone is always something bigger and better, where we think happiness will finally be found. Truth is, happiness isn’t the end result, it’s the way to get there. As we go through life, we are always… Continue Reading “Do you know the way…”