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According to Facebook, my business "officially" started in 2017, but I actually started changing my lifestyle in 2014 when I was desperate to find a solution to a big struggle.

That's where it begins for most people, with a strong desire to find a solution. It could be a health issue or a financial issue, an emotional issue or a physical issue. That desire to find a solution led me to change my lifestyle and become a Natural Wellness Coach.

I meet new women every day who are struggling with something and I get to connect with them to create change in their lifestyles. Together, we use things like essential oils, personal development, practicing gratitude, and creating simple habit changes to create a very intentional lifestyle that fits.

I am passionate about helping women find who they are (or remember who they were) and HOW they are so that when they begin taking steps towards change, it's in a way that honors their own unique abilities and desires. The best part about the work I do, is that I do it honoring who I am, how I work, and with 100% authenticity.

I live intentionally every day. I don't have to compare myself to anyone else or know all the things there are to know. And I don't have to worry about things that have happened in the past. I intentionally create exciting, energizing, and fun journeys to inspire others to see how their lives can transform. I honor my core values and beliefs and honor those of others. I celebrate every success, be it big or small and I create strong relationships with clear boundaries while expressing deep gratitude for each person, place, or thing that is placed in my path.

With my vast mental file cabinet of experience, education, and resources I am able to share the steps to build strong foundations in wellness, relationships, livelihood, and faith.

But most of all, I help women learn to live intentionally from their heart.


Valerie is amazing! I had all these jumbled-up thoughts bouncing around in my head, but I had no idea how to turn them into an actual plan. That's where Valerie came in! She took all my scattered ideas and mashed them up into a solid, actionable plan that I could actually put into motion. It was like magic, y'all! She's also incredibly supportive and encouraging, which made the process so much easier.

So, if you've got a bunch of thoughts swirling around in your head and you're not sure how to turn them into something real and actionable, reach out to Valerie. Trust me, you won't regret it!

~ Shannon

I’ve bought oils from Val a few times in the past year, she’s always been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful highly recommend her as a resource and as someone to support in her business. She is truly a kind and honest soul looking to support people’s journeys.


I have learned that most of our physical challenges are actually rooted in the spirit, including emotions. When we realize our bodies are communicating to us through symptoms we are experiencing, we can then begin to unravel what it’s really saying.

Val’s emotional coaching guides you in a breakthrough activity to decode and release these rooted emotions. With the support of pure essential oils, she encouraged and supported me in the process of true healing. Her intuitive coaching approach created a comfortable and tranquil experience, which I needed. Emotions can be hard to define and work through but she encouraged and allowed me space to fully feel what I needed to feel. This process uplifted and empowered me to let go of emotions holding me down. Val helped me shift my focus to a bigger and brighter future. I found hope again. If you seek support in your healing and health journey, look no further! Val is here to guide you in uncovering the answers you seek that are already within you!


I had taken the Strengths Finder assessment a while ago but never did anything with it. One day when Val and I were talking about challenges with our business she brought up the Strengths Finders and all she had done with it. She offered to do a deep dive on my assessment and she really opened my eyes!!!! The next class I taught went really well, I was so comfortable and I ended with several enrollments.


Everyone wants to improve something in their life, whether it’s their family, relationships, health, income or professional achievements...

I knew I had to turn to Valerie for a little help to get my journey kicked off in the right direction. I knew it was the right time to take the plunge and get my Strengths Test done, and analyzed.

After taking my strengths test, it helped me determine the areas in my life that need improvement, turn them into goals or make them key subjects of my goals.

Self-improvement and personal development is a continuous process that only ends when life ends. To improve your living conditions as well as your mental, physical, and social health, you need to continually seek upward progression.

Having a self-improvement plan helps you to better understand yourself, your needs, and the strategies that you should follow to get the results you want to achieve.

Are you now ready to write your own self-improvement plan? Get with Valerie. She won't steer you wrong.


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Stop Pushing

April 19, 20232 min read

"I don't know why these people keep coming to me!"

I said this to a friend last week and her response, "Well, that's who you've been asking for." And she's totally right. I have been talking about different people that I feel like I just can't help. People who aren't into natural things. People who don't believe in personal development. People who don't have the time, money, or space to invest in themselves, when I know that investment would be the best thing for them.

And who keeps knocking at my door? The mom who can't make ends meet. The friend who can't keep up on the simple daily habits. The grocery store clerk whose health keeps failing her but she takes a smoke break every 20 minutes.

Now, to some of you, this may sound like me getting into other people's business and being a bit judgey. You're right, I do that sometimes and I am getting better and better about not judging a person's life because it's not mine. The people I keep pushing against, are actually the people I need the most in my life and in my business. Here's why.

That mom who can't make ends meet would be a rockstar business partner.

That friend who can't keep up on the simple things would be a phenomenal accountability partner.

That clerk who can't stay healthy would benefit the most from natural wellness.

For me to keep putting out to the universe that these "are not my people" is a COMPLETE LIE. These are my people. These are the people desiring change the most but not knowing where to start. These are the people with good hearts and good souls that can put their ripple of positivity and success out into the world to touch others.

These are my people. I will not shut the door on them any longer. I won't keep pushing against the doors that open because of society's labels. These people aren't lazy, worthless, or failing. They just need someone to help them see a different way of doing things and that's what I do. I help people find a different path that fills them with joy, health, wealth, and worth.

What are you pushing away at? What door keeps trying to open in your life and you keep slamming it shut? What if, just for a moment, you let that door swing open so you could see what was behind it?

Mom, grandma, wife, and friend, Valerie shares her love of setting daily intentions with others to inspire, encourage, and empower women to live intentionally from the heart.

Valerie Finlay

Mom, grandma, wife, and friend, Valerie shares her love of setting daily intentions with others to inspire, encourage, and empower women to live intentionally from the heart.

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