Just a reminder…

Sometimes I just need a reminder that maybe what I’m wishing for isn’t being given to me because it’s actually not what I need.

How many times can you think of when you’ve wished for something to happen and it either doesn’t or it goes completely the opposite of what you wanted? I can think of 3 times in my life where I’ve desperately been wishing for a certain outcome or a desire and I have received the complete opposite of that.

I won’t go into a lot of detail but I will give you the short version. I have been married a few times. Both times I wished for a better marriage and both times I got a divorce. No matter how hard I tried to make things right, they just kept getting worse and worse. The first I was just young and immature. The second I was desperate to be someone that I wasn’t. In each of these marriages, there were signs that it wasn’t meant to be. And I ignored those signs. But what I got out of those hard times, my stroke of luck, was something I didn’t even know I wanted. I have a beautifully sassy 24 year old daughter that wouldn’t have existed without going through those hard times. And I have the man of my dreams. He wouldn’t have existed without my wishes being completely denied by the universe.

That’s just one example and if I sit and think about it long enough, I can come up with so many more experiences where things ended up better.

Reflecting on these moments made me look at what I’m wishing for most right now and whether or not I should be wanting certain things so strongly. If there’s something better around the corner, then I think it’s time to change course or redirect my intentions. I better get to work.

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