The first thing that came to mind when reading this quote today was, “Oh my gosh! Dan Rather had to bring the world some of the most dramatic, traumatic, and frightening information EVER!” This news reporter began his career in 1950 and was on air, reporting to the nation for 24 years. One of his first news reports was on Hurricane Carla in 1961 where his information, though scary, saved thousands of lives. He covered the traumatic JFK assassination, Watergate, the space shuttle Challenger disaster, multiple stories from the Soviet-Afghan war, and many other frightening world events.

I began to imagine how hard it would be to deliver such news to millions of people, how he had the courage to speak to everyone about what was happening or what they should be doing. He was courageous enough to go on air, despite the news he had to relay to the American people and beyond.

This led me to wonder why it is so difficult for me to “go on air” in social media to share information with people. I’m not reporting on a horrific accident or life-threatening storm. I’m not covering a war or a treasonous act of our nation. All I want to do is share with others how my life has progressed. All I want to do is offer others a different way to care for their health, emotional well being, family and loved ones, and bring abundance to them.

If this reporter was able to be courageous enough to get in front of millions of people and tell them about something so tragic, why can’t I get in front of 100 people on social media and tell them about essential oils, gratitude, strengths, and all the other natural ways I’m caring for myself and others? How ridiculous is it that I have good news, the best of intentions, and wonderful products but I am afraid to show my face or speak in front of a camera?

In today’s world, it is easier for us to latch onto the negativity, the fear, the chaos that is surrounding us. We can sit for hours upon hours watching reel after reel of someone getting beat up, we can binge watch crime, murder, and violence in a series because it’s “entertaining”. We are more likely to pull out our phones and record a video of a “Karen” acting up. We have been groomed by the media to watch only those things that instill fear and take away our power of choice.

What I have to share with others doesn’t fit the “social media standard” and gets buried on people’s news feeds. The natural solutions that keep my family healthy are flagged by robots as uninteresting content. The personal development courses I have built have been deemed tiresome and are removed unless I pay for attention.

My hesitation to go on social media isn’t actually because I’m afraid to talk to people. I do it every single day and I share all my information freely. My hesitation to go on social media is because it seems like a waste of time to speak so passionately for no one to hear it.

So, I choose to write. I choose to have coffee dates. I choose personal one on one conversations with others in the hopes that my positive energy can break through the negative energy that is fed to us daily. Today, I choose to be me and share what I can to help whomever I can. What will you choose today?

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