Dream Big!

Good morning! Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all have some great plans ahead of you, and even if you don’t, remember to take some time for yourself.

This morning I have been chatting back and forth with a dear friend. We typically check in every morning to say hey, what’s your plan for the day, how are things going? There are times when it’s short and sweet, “Here’s my goals for the day. This is what I accomplished yesterday. I’ll chat with you later.”

Then there are days like today…

Starting a 5am (my time) we have been chatting back for a couple of hours. The topic of the day was one that I’ll save for another blog, but it turned us to the topic of authenticity. I know, what does that have to do with dream big? It’s coming. Hang in there.

When we are able to be ourselves in a way that is authentic to how we are or who we are, we can share our conversations and thoughts with others without the fear of judgement. That’s the reason my friend and I are able to talk for hours. We can share things with each other and don’t fear that we would be overstepping boundaries or hurting feelings. And if we did overstep or cause some hurt feelings, we can tell each other without fear of a lost or damaged relationship.

I had a get together the other night with some of my closest friends. You saw my blog about that last week. (If you didn’t, you should subscribe to newsletters. Just sayin’) This group of friends has become so tightly knit that we are able to be brutally honest with each other and not fear going home and never being asked back to another gathering. This type of relationship is a very rare one, especially for women.

I have been practicing being open and honest with others ever since I learned what my strengths are. Now, I am now practicing being open and honest with myself. That’s a challenge. If I’m honest with myself, I’m going to hurt my own feelings. “Why did you eat that candy? You know you’re supposedly watching what you eat, right?” That’s a brutal, internal honesty that is not so fun to hear. Instead of getting mad at myself and eating 4 more candies and a bowl of cereal and an ice cream cone, I know I have to agree with myself. I have to be honest and be ok with the slip and move on.

Ok, on to the quote of the day. I sat down to journal and decided that I would take my 10 minutes to really dream big. If you’re anything like me (high futuristic and intellection strengths) you’ll know that putting a time limit on something like this is not going to be easy. I decided to make this a little easier on myself. I looked at my four areas of life: wellness, relationships, livelihood, and spirituality. These are the things I work on daily. I took time in each category to write down dreams. Big dreams. Not like “I want to pay off my house.” Things like “I own 4 homes, one in Idaho, one in Arizona, one in Hawaii, and one in Australia.” Specifics. Getting really clear on what my big dream is. I wanted to be fully honest about what my dreams looked like. How would it look if I was living fully, 100% authentically?

If your dreams are so big, who cares about failing!

If you fail to own 4 homes because you only own 3…come on! What an accomplishment! Anything you do to work towards your dreams is going to be a success. Even if there’s a bit of fail in it. You’ve succeeded in finding the way not to do it.

I want to challenge you today to take 10-15 minutes and dream, really dream big. Look at your wellness. What do you dream about? A certain number on the scale? The ability to run a marathon? Look at your relationships. Do you want to have a fairytale wedding? Are you looking for a best friend? Look at your livelihood. Do you want a new job? Do you want to start a business? And look at your spirituality. Do you have a strong connection to a higher power? Do you connect with a church or have a spiritual community?

SEE yourself living those dreams. DEFINE those dreams in clear and vivid words. START LIVING your dreams by just taking one day at a time and being grateful for those dreams.

If I can help you with your dreams, I would love the opportunity. Just connect with me and let’s see where you’re headed.

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