Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right?

Every time something goes wrong, it seems like about a dozen other things decide to join the party and cause complete chaos. I had one of those days yesterday and boy, did it drain my desire to do anything! Worst part about it was I felt personally attacked because a lot of what happened would influence my upcoming trip to dōTERRA’s annual convention.

“If it’s something I want to do, it won’t happen. Something will go wrong and ruin it for me.”

Have you heard this from a friend or loved one? Have you said it once or twice…or a lot? This is a common statement I hear from women in particular. They’ve planned a trip to the spa to get some self-care time but the babysitter cancelled so it’s either cancel or take your kid with you. There’s a new couch that would look perfect in house but the washing machine has decided to overfill. You bake the perfect apple pie, did all the fancy crust designs, and set it on the stove to cool and the dog decides that pie is for him. These are just a few examples.

It’s easy to turn those things that go wrong into a landslide of things because you’re hypersensitive to all the wrong things happening. Let’s take yesterday, for example. My morning was ok. I was on track and had everything planned out. The first wrong thing was that my printer was having connectivity issues when I was trying to get some prizes out in the mail. I wanted the cute address labels on the packages but it just wasn’t happening. Total time set back. Then my kids wanted to do a test walk/bike to the bus stop. No problem, except now I was an hour or so behind schedule and I had a call at 11am but if we left now, we would make it back in time. We weren’t 10 feet from the house and one was complaining about the bees and the other was catching grasshoppers. Half an hour later, we made it back up the road to the house. I missed my call. Back to work and my husband needed help with something in the garage, setting me back even more. By this time, I’ve given up for the day and decide we will take the kids to the river to swim. On the road up, the car warning lights come on about oil pressure. This is the car I’m planning on driving to Salt Lake City.

Needless to say, my attitude sucked and I was cranky and bracing myself for the confrontation and arguments and crying and everything else. How the heck do you turn that around?

You practice gratitude.

I am grateful my printer wouldn’t work because it gave me the opportunity to hand write my letters to everyone, making them more personal. I am grateful for the walk to the bus stop because I was able to get some exercise in and visit with the Post Office Clerk while the kids rode home. I am grateful that I was able to help my husband so that the task in the garage was done without damaging anything or anyone. I am grateful the car warning lights went off because if I would have had that happen hundreds of miles from home, out in the middle of nowhere, I would have been really delayed and it would have cost a fortune.

We have the ability to make the “everything’s going wrong” into opportunities. It’s a skill and like all skills, it takes practice. I’ve been practicing gratitude daily for many years now and it’s the only way to really turn things around.

I was able to go to bed with a head filled with possibilities rather than disappointments.

Daily Essential Gratitude is one way I can help other women turn things around. This week long experience helps to being shifting the negatives to positives by practicing daily gratitude, using emotionally supportive essential oils, and having a community to share with. The next experience begins September 18th and you can register for the experience below.

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