Be Bold & Just Start Moving

Last night was amazing! My strengths based empowered friends came over for a lovely dinner and some personal development work. It was one of those moments in time where you start at 6pm and then someone says, “This is so fun! I don’t even know what time it is!” and you realize that its 10:30pm….

These women have become my closest friends, my biggest cheerleaders, and are the best sounding board for all my crazy ideas.

We all have different strengths that each of us need in our lives. What we realized is that together we can build our dreams and encourage each other in a way that is free of judgement with no comparison and full authenticity. I am always awe struck when we can talk candidly to one another without worrying someone isn’t going to like us or they will get angry.

There is a great power in authenticity.

We created our strengths stories last night. The joy and excitement was palpable as we went around our circle and shared our strengths with each other. The encouragement and perspective that was given to help each other see where we live in our strengths was phenomenal.

This empowering evening happened because we embraced who we are, fully and authentically.

I am so grateful that my cup has been refilled and I am excited about becoming the Rockstar that I know is inside of me. I am ready to help so many other women find their circle of true and authentic friends. I have a strong desire for every woman to believe in themselves so that they can believe in others.

I am hosting a Discovering You workshop via Zoom after I return from dōTERRA’s convention in 2 weeks. I want other women to feel the level of gratitude for themselves and for others like I have received from these women.

If you would like to come to the workshop, just click on the button below.

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