It’s not hard, it’s just work to be done…

How many times have you heard that change is hard?

Personally, I think change isn’t hard, it’s just work. The more work you do, the easier the change becomes. The more work you do, the faster the change happens. The more work you do, the more impact you have on those around you.

When I started using essential oils, it was hard. Why? Because I was trying to just do what everyone else told me to do instead of learning about what I needed to do. I bet there’s been a time in your life where you’ve wanted to do something and you start following someone on social media, doing all the things they are doing, and you don’t get the same results that they do. I have fallen into that pit a million times. Weight loss, fashion trends, business, makeup, hair, exercise………..I’ve followed someone who has been successful and tried to do exactly what they were doing and it was hard.

Once I got clear on how I am already set up to succeed at something, I found the things that made the “hard” in change turn into just work. And since I know how I desire to do things, that work is actually becoming pretty easy.

Anything that is fun, creative, and techy attracts me to learn and change. I know that my heart leads into any kind of habit change at 100% if it is creative and fun. I know that my motivation will be full force if I am inspired by the creative and fun thing. The key for YOU to make this happen is to unlock who you are, HOW you are, and begin to do the work in a way that honors YOU.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m entering a new phase in my life and my business. I’m using the tools that are fun, creative, and inspire me. I’m making the changes just work to be done.

One thing I am inspired by is a daily horoscope from Moon Omens. I truly believe that people and words are put in front of me not by coincidence but by a higher power. Today’s words of wisdom were not just random. I am doing something extraordinary and I know I’m about to be upgraded. The morning message today is confirmation of that.

The other thing I did was renewed my subscription to HabitNest. I’ve worked with them before and love their journals! You’ve heard me talk about those in the past, especially the Gratitude Journal. They have multiple habit routines you can start and now they have them in an app! I’m working on daily stretching and home organization now. I haven’t had an exercise routine in a while and after the dreaded illness, I need to gently work my way back into cardio and lifting. I also know that my home does not inspire or comfort me when it is in disarray so I’ll be doing the home organization habit as well.

The most important thing I’ve done just recently is to recognize that all the things I desire to change and have are well within my reach. Whenever I have a challenge, I repeat to myself, “This isn’t hard, it’s just work to be done.” If I have a choice to make (apple or chocolate bar) I say, “This isn’t hard, it’s actually quite easy and it’s honoring who I want to become.”

What we say to ourselves daily, what we receive daily, and what we surround ourselves with daily makes the changes we want not hard, just work to be done. The more work you do, the more successes you have.

There are 4 different areas that I have been working on in the past 6 years. Those things are what I share with others, teach others, or guide others through.

What do you need to work on? Do you want to learn how to unlock how you work best? Are you ready to take control, make new choices, and find natural ways to be your best? Well, let’s talk about it.

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