The One Idea…

I have this amazing ability to come up with all sorts of ideas for pretty much anything. Creating, planning, and thinking of new ways to do things is where I have the highest energy. This is the state of mind I choose to be in every day.

When I read this quote, I felt like stuttering or stumbling. There can’t just be one idea. There isn’t just one thing to live and breathe. How in the world does this lead to success?

After the whirlwind of, “but what about…”, I did come to a realization. There is a way to live just one idea, to strive for the big picture. That one idea is to live your purpose.

What is the one thing you want most right now?

If money was no object, if time was no object, if resources were endless, what would be the one idea you could live right now? Can you live and breathe that idea, focus on it so intently that it begins to shape itself into reality?

My one idea…joy. I truly believe that each and every person has the ability to live a life full of joy. With joy comes happiness, love, health, wealth, freedoms, and so much more. But the big picture, the grand idea, is to help others find joy.

There is way to shift the mindset of the majority by introducing ideas or theories into a person’s life. We’ve seen it happen over the past few years. Theories of how to stay healthy, ideas on what to do, beliefs in people or disbeliefs in them, methods of care, assumptions of right and wrong. The mindset of people has been manipulated. They have lost their own power to be energized by just being who they are and doing what’s right for them. They have stopped influencing themselves and given in to the influence of others.

People CAN feel better physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. Just like the introduction of all the information and misinformation that has shifted the mindset of the world, the introduction of natural wellness, embracing our capabilities, empowering each other, knowing our strengths, natural solutions, and uplifting messages can shift that mindset to a positive direction.

My place in this ideal world is as an educator or enlightener or coach. However someone wants to label that…it is a purpose of serving others to inspire actions and goodness and to reciprocate that lifestyle and those feelings to other people. It is a big idea and a big undertaking. That one idea, that everyone not only deserves peace and joy, but they also deserve to feel empowered again, to feel that they have the capability and right to choose their own path, is my purpose. That’s my big picture. That’s what I live and breathe.

Everyday I practice my abilities to shift my mindset and live a more intentional lifestyle. It’s always going to be a work in progress, but it’s work in the direction of my big idea. So I will continue to work on it, on myself, and on others, and not give up when it gets tough. The success will show when one person or a hundred people have found their one idea and are filled with joy as they begin their own journey.

If you would like to learn more about yourself or natural solutions to begin your journey to a more joyous lifestyle, please contact me. I would love the opportunity to help.

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