The Accomplishment…

Everyone has accomplishments. Everyone has had obstacles to overcome. There’s nothing in life that is just handed to us without some type of a struggle or hesitation or amount of work. And if something is just handed to you, someone else had to overcome an obstacle to give it to you.

Without obstacles, there is no growth. There is no desire to do better or be better.

If something is causing resistance, it needs attention. Is it resistance because of fear? Is it resistance because of overwhelm? Is it resistance because of the inability to be in control?

Resistance is just the beginning of climbing over the obstacle. When you start up a hill on a bicycle, you have to stand up, peddle hard, and push yourself to get momentum. If you didn’t, you would stay put, or worse, start moving backwards. The obstacles with the hardest start are the ones that yield the greatest measurement of accomplishment.

Resistance because of fear calls for a deeper look at that fear. Are you afraid because it’s new? Are you afraid because it’s dangerous? Are you afraid because of what’s on the other side? The best question to ask yourself is whether or not that fear, that obstacle, is dangerous. Is it going to cause you physical or emotional damage? Or is it a temporary feeling? Is the fear true? Think back to a time when you were so afraid to overcome an obstacle, when you were so afraid that the thing on the other side of it wouldn’t be an accomplishment. When you started to push, create momentum, and climb that obstacle, how did it feel? What happened when you overcame the obstacle? How amazing did you feel when you could measure that accomplishment?

Resistance because of overwhelm calls for a brain dump, an action inventory check. What do you have on your plate right now that can be set aside? What do you have on your plate right now that you can give to someone else? Is there a way to release some of the to do’s off your never ending list to give you the ability to focus on overcoming an obstacle? Is your overwhelm a tool you use to procrastinate and avoid the thing you need to overcome?

Resistance and control. This is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. We all have things in our lives that we want to be in control of. Finances, deadlines at work, our freedoms. When we can’t release control of something or share the responsibility, that uphill bike ride over the Mt. Everest obstacle might as well be done in a blizzard on a bike with no chain. In order to reduce the resistance when it’s tied to having control, we have to lean on people we trust. We have to be able to ask for help, admit we are afraid to relinquish control, and have an open dialogue with others. The obstacle of control is the greatest of accomplishments because not only do you overcome the obstacle, but so do the people helping you. Everyone gets to share in the success of the accomplishment.

No matter what the obstacle is, the accomplishment is worth the work.

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