Your Horizon

What’s on your horizon?

The roads we travel in our lives lead somewhere. Though we feel sometimes we are going in circles or taking the longest route, we are still going somewhere.

For some, the destination stays the same. Accomplishments, accolades, and goals. Some revolve around money, some around relationships. The travel is the hard work and the horizon holds the prize.

For others, the destination is constantly changing. There are still accomplishments and accolades. There are still goals to reach and milestones to hit, but the horizon doesn’t hold the same vision. It is constantly changing as the person grows.

And there are also the horizons that are set in stone, but with a constantly changing road. The destination is clear, there are just multiple ways to get there.

Creating a vision of what is on the horizon can be energizing and fun…for some. Vision boards are motivators to those who are visually stimulated. Checklists and measurements are motivators for those who are executors. People are motivators for those who build relationships and those who enjoy influencing others.

For some, that vision is so far in the future that it’s difficult to see. Certain people enjoy looking back through the rear view mirror more than looking forward through the windshield as they travel.

It doesn’t matter how a person gets to their destination. It matters that they are constantly traveling to the destination.

Sometimes the road is winding and takes longer. Sometimes it’s bumpy or muddy and harder to get through. And sometimes it’s smooth sailing, right down the freeway. But even freeway driving can hide potholes to throw a person off course.

Create a horizon that fits who you are. Make it a warm and sunny cabana or a cold and crystal mansion. Wherever you want to go is your destination. It can be alone or with others. It can be tomorrow or 10 years from now.

Remember that the travels along the way are meant to happen and the setbacks are meant to slow us down but they aren’t meant to stop us.

YOUR best is yet to be.

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