The Power of Misfortune…

My journal prompt for today was difficult. There are certain words that trigger gut responses from me. “Little minds” and “subdued” are two of those.

I don’t think people have little minds. That makes someone sound simple or unintelligent. I think everyone has great minds, they just give power to the wrong things, which creates an illusion of being “tamed” or “subdued”.

When I was journaling whatever thoughts popped into my head about this quote, I realized that everything around you has power. Everything has a vibration to it and when you add the power of words to the power of negative vibrations from situations, objects, or misfortunes you end up with a perfect storm that can brew and cause damage along it’s path.

The most powerful countermeasure to that negative energy is gratitude.

We all have misfortunes in our lives. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have learning opportunities to choose better, be better, slow down, or speed up. When we allow misfortunes to take control of our lives, the storm starts brewing. We feel the pressure, we feel the chaos, and we feel the power it has to “tame” us, or to keep us in the bowl with other like-minded people.

When we remove the negative from a misfortune and give it positive energy, we rise. We jump from the bowl of like-minded into a more elevated space, a more positive environment. We also show others that there is a way to rise above a misfortune.

Now, I’m not saying that every misfortune in our lives isn’t bad. No ultra-positive b.s. here. Misfortunes happen to everyone. At the end of the year my son was in a sledding accident and literally broke his head. This misfortune caused a very subdued couple of weeks in the sense that we had to slow down, keep a very close eye on him, and keep him from being his typical rambunctious self. That misfortune wasn’t filled with silver linings. It was scary. It was hard to watch him suffer.

But after the first couple of weeks I was able to take away some of the power of that misfortune. I was grateful that he wasn’t seriously injured or had residual symptoms. I was grateful that we had a wonderful physician on call at the emergency room that night who just so happened to specialize in orthopedics. I was grateful for my essential oils that assisted with his healing and concussion symptoms. I was also grateful that it helped my son to calm down a bit and take it easy. He may still be a daredevil but he is also a tiny bit more cautious. The gratitude that I was able to practice around this misfortune relieved a lot of the worry moving forward. He is back to his old self and off we go to the next adventure.

When we use the power of gratitude, we change the vibrational energy of a situation. Rather than thinking your misfortune is holding you back, I challenge you to take a look at with gratitude. If you can’t find something to be grateful for from it, then see if it can give you an opportunity to serve others.

Or, if you see someone suffering from a misfortune, use that opportunity to serve them. Offer them help, give them support, help them see the positive energy within the current storm.

Every person has the power to change their energy, find gratitude even in the hardest of times, and create a way to rise above the struggles. And if you don’t feel like you have any of that power, reach out to someone you know. Find a person or a community that can lift you from that misfortune. Find a way to shift that negative energy. And if you are still struggling, reach out. Whether your a friend or a total stranger, reach out.

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