Making People FEEL

More than 80% of our actions are controlled by our emotions. How we feel establishes what we will do.

Our actions influence other people, even when we aren’t directing our actions to them. If you are in line at the grocery store and someone bumps past you without saying excuse me, you FEEL many different things. You could feel annoyed, irritated, unseen, or you could feel empathy for that person, feel that they are having a bad day, or feel that they need to get somewhere quick.

We can say, “Excuse me,” when we rush past someone and think that’s good enough. But is it? Are we in that much of a hurry that we can’t be kind to each other?

Right now, this world is an emotional ball of energy. People are sad, angry, hurt, confused, scared, and longing for peace. We all have the power to make others FEEL joy, success, encouragement, safety, and peaceful.

And when we use that power to make others FEEL better, they will not forget. That feeling influences them to make choices throughout their day to make someone else FEEL better and be SEEN.

Each of us has a unique ability to influence others. It’s not going to be by our actions or a gift, it’s going to be by the feelings we generate in others.

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