Be Who You Are…

If more of the world would be accepting of differences instead of pushing similarities, it could be a much better place.

As a mom, I have read Dr. Seuss books so many times that I practically can recite them all. They are the best for helping new readers with their repetition and sing song patterns.

As a bonus, Dr. Seuss has wonderful, deeply thoughtful literature that has lessons for all and this is one of those opportunities.

Being who you are is best, but it’s not easy.

Learning about yourself, or remembering yourself, is sometimes a hard road to take. There are times when you want to just go with the flow, give in to the general consensus, and avoid any conflict. And there are times when you want to stand your ground.

Standing up, standing out, and standing firm is hard to do.

There are times when we should consider what people mind. If someone minds that you aren’t keeping your promises, that you’re being untrustworthy, or that you’re falling away from who they know you really are, that’s a time to consider what people mind.

Those who don’t mind, know and embrace uniqueness. They understand that each person has a right to their own opinion and lifestyle and that uniqueness is what makes the world better.

What I do in my business is help people find their uniqueness, or remember who they really are. Sometimes we get lost in following the norm and forget that we like to take a different turn here and there. And sometimes we forget that it’s ok to be a little different.

Look deep inside, find your true you. Go out in the world and find those people who don’t mind who you are but they know you matter.

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