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The end result of a goal or a milestone is always something bigger and better, where we think happiness will finally be found. Truth is, happiness isn’t the end result, it’s the way to get there.

As we go through life, we are always looking for the way to happiness, the magical key that will unlock our greatest dream. But we aren’t accustomed to looking for happiness where we are, we are accustomed to looking for it somewhere else. We see it in our neighbors new car, the friend who just opened her new business, the other kid who got the scholarship, or the stranger taking our magical vacation. We are more acutely aware of everyone else’s happiness, rather than our own. We have become accustomed to finding the bad, the negative, the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, and making comparisons. This has become natural for us.

What should be natural, is being able to see the happiness in everything along the way. Our minds need to be retrained to find the joy in even the hard times. We are constantly consuming distractions that take away the ability to find the good in any situation. We have strayed from pointing out positive things for ourselves and for others.

And we have grown accustomed to another destructive pattern: instant gratification, gaining something immediately from an action.

There’s a HUGE downside to instant gratification. It doesn’t last.

You don’t wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to be a millionaire,” and then just wait for the money to start flowing into your bank account. Unless you win the lottery. Even in this instant gratification scenario, you still have to manage that money, spend it wisely, or make investments to assure that it will last. Otherwise, it doesn’t. The happiness that you thought would come from all that money is gone.

You don’t wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to look like that gorgeous actress,” and then just wait for the pounds to fall off and the curves to go to all the right places. Unless you have a great plastic surgeon. Even in this instant gratification scenario, you still have to take care of your new body. You can’t go back to sitting on the couch binge watching baking shows and eating crap food. The happiness that you thought would come from the new body image will be gone.

Neither of these scenarios is a natural approach to finding happiness. Because happiness isn’t the end result, it’s all the stuff in between where you are and where you are going. It’s what you need to look for as you travel to the end result.

Here’s a good example. I have an adult child. From the moment she wrapped her little hand around my finger, I was filled with happiness and love. That was an instant gratification moment. From that moment on, there have been lots of happy moments…and lots of fights and lots of tears. But if I look back from day one to right now, I can see happiness leading me to where I am now as her mom. I can see happiness leading her to where she is now as an adult. It isn’t happening overnight, it isn’t instant gratification, but it’s happiness along the way.

Happiness is the way to the greatness. It is the fuel to your vehicle, to get you over the rough road and to your destination. It is a natural way to energize yourself.

Everyone needs help in re-training themselves to look for happiness in the day to day. One of the ways that I have been able to accomplish this is to focus on it through my gratitude practice. Every day, morning and night, I find the happiness in the day. I give thanks for the things that were put in my path and I make sure I’m looking for all goodness and steering clear of the distractions.

A gratitude practice creates happiness and happiness is the way to get the end result.

Find your gratitude, find your happiness, find the key to unlock your desires.

There are two ways you can start looking for your happiness right now. One is to attend The Gratitude Workshop on January 8th in Spokane Valley, Washington. This workshop will help you learn to see the happiness along the way. It’s not instant gratification, it’s finding happiness every day.

You can find more information or purchase your ticket to this event at The Gratitude Project Workshop.

Another way you can start is by joining me in Discovering You. Take an hour of your time, come hear my story, and find out about the one tool that can start seeing the happiness along the way.

You can find more information on my events page or register at Discovering You Coaching.

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