Don’t Be Afraid, Be Authentic

“Get outside your comfort zone.”
“Push past the fear.”
“Do it anyways.”
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
“Fake it until you make it.”
“Don’t look back, there’s nothing there.”

Wait, what was that last one? “Stay authentic.” Who says that? It doesn’t go along with this motivation. Or does it?

How many times has someone told you to do something and it has scared you or made you feel uncomfortable because it was something outside of your comfort zone? I can’t even begin to fathom the actual number of times that I have heard this, or heard some version of those sentences above.

Now, I’m not saying you should ignore those comments and always stay where you feel comfortable.

That’s all good, but it’s not great.

If we continue to stay in a place where everything is good, that place will never get any better. Here’s a great example. I lost 10 pounds when I started eating more cleansing foods. That’s good. I went outside of my comfort zone, tried something new, and had success. What happened after that? I have stayed in that “good space”. I haven’t gained it all back, but I also haven’t pushed myself forward. I haven’t gone further outside my comfort zone to learn how to cook healthier, gone back to the gym or my Zumba friends. I have stayed in the “good space”.

Where does “stay authentic” fit in? What would I be afraid of doing in this case? How would going from good to great not be authentic?

If I was asked to remove every stitch of food from my kitchen and replace it with healthy, organic, vegan, or all natural food, I would be afraid. I would be afraid of the cost, the waste, and the fact that probably everyone in my house would be starving within a day. I would be afraid of not sticking to the plan. This would be a massive, jump off a cliff, type of change to go from good to great. It is the ultimate goal though, right? To have a kitchen full of goodness that fuels our bodies in a natural way to help our bodies thrive?

Sure it is. But is it being done authentically to who I am? Absolutely not! What would be authentic to me? Find some new recipes, learn more about macronutrients, take a class, have my healthy friend come over and look into my cupboards. I would be afraid to do those things, especially letting my healthy friend in on my kitchen cabinets. But it would push me outside my comfort zone, authentically, to go from good eating habits to great eating habits. This is what would work for me.

Not everything works for everyone. We are all uniquely different, therefore when we want to go from good to great, we need to do it in our own unique way.

Here’s another example (a little more exciting than the last). If I was asked to jump out of a plane, to get me past my fears, to take me from being a good human to a great human, would I do it? Hell no! I have no desire to jump from a plane. “Oh, but the rush, the exhilaration, the freedom….” Nope, still not doing it. Why? Well, because I don’t need to go from good to great. I’m not striving to be a ski diving instructor or a superhero. I’m not afraid of doing it, I’m just being true to who I am. Ok, I am afraid of doing it. But still, I don’t need to go from good to great here.

Now, ask me to share my story in front of a crowd or on social media. Will that scare me? Yep. I have told my story thousands of times. When I tell it in front of one, two, or a dozen people…no problem. Ask me to tell it in front of hundreds or thousands of people (social media) and it scares me. Why? Because it opens the door to vulnerability and that has been engrained into our minds as a negative thing. Sharing your “secrets” with everyone is bad. Sharing your struggles with everyone is bad. That type of sharing is just someone looking for attention. Those thoughts keep us from going from good to great.

If I share my story in front of hundreds of women or on social media, it will be uncomfortable, it will scare me, and I will trip over my words and probably cry. But it will take me from good to great. It will show other women that they may not be the only one with that struggle. It could reach a handful of women or just one woman, but my story can make an impact on someone else and take me from being a good leader and coach to a great leader and coach. So I will do it, and I will be afraid of doing it, but I will do it authentically.

When we can really embrace our authenticity, those things outside of our comfort zone will still be scary but we will be able to do them in a way that honors our desires. My desires are to make connections with the women who are ready for change, but are a little scared or lost. My desire is to create a way for them to find their authenticity and make the changes they need to push outside of their comfort zone.

Take yourself from good to great.

Be afraid but be authentic.

If you want to jump out of a plane, I’ll cheer you on from the ground and I’ll give you the best high 5 when you land.

There are two ways you can go from good to great right now. One is to attend The Gratitude Workshop on January 8th in Spokane Valley, Washington. This workshop is a great place to do something you’re afraid of, but do it authentically. It’s an amazing look at how to begin transforming yourself from good to great and it’s done in a way that is just a wee bit uncomfortable but we have parachutes.

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