What can I celebrate from 2021? Let’s see, I completed a coaching certification course, I advanced in rank in my network marketing business, I officially licensed my business, I started coaching services, I created social media content packages, I collaborated on an in-person workshop, and I traveled quite a bit.

Those all sounded nice and felt like checking off the boxes of accomplishments, but when I really started looking at what I could celebrate in my life in 2021, it came down to these things…

  • Confidence in Self
  • Awareness of Thoughts
  • Actions
  • Honesty
  • Seeing Others
  • Being Seen

These celebrations brought me the most joy and the most energy.

I spent all of 2021 immersed in a coaching certification course that was more about my own personal development than learning how to coach others. That is where my confidence grew as I saw myself in my most authentic state. I was able to embrace how I work best and who I am. I was able to release the expectations that had been put upon me from so long ago. I became sure of my words and spoke more openly. I took action and DID what needed to be done to set some intentions for 2022. I saw others from a different perspective and realized who they were and how I could communicate with them better.

Most importantly, I was able to see myself and allow others to see me.

This morning, I celebrate all the accomplishments that provided healing to my soul. I celebrate the awareness of my potential. I celebrate the milestones I’ve reached. And I celebrate the two biggest things in my life that have created an easier, more open path to 2022, my strengths and gratitude.

Embracing my strengths has been the catalyst. I know where my energy is highest. I know when I start looking at myself through the old glasses of comparison and judgement, self-doubt and past mistakes. Knowing who I am and how I am ignited the desire to rise into 2022.

Gratitude has been my motivation. Each event, opportunity, discouragement, trial and error, and so on has provided me with something to be grateful for. I look forward to finding the gratitude in what I do. It reminds me that in all things, there is something to be thankful for.

In 2022 I will rise to a higher level of health, financial success, belief in myself, and a renewed connection to a higher power. I will celebrate becoming a more empowered and self-sustaining woman, wife, mother, and leader.

As you end 2021, what will you choose to celebrate?

If you are looking for the catalyst or motivation to rise in 2022, I suggest starting with The Gratitude Project Workshop. For more information, visit The Gratitude Project Workshop event page.

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