“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.”

When you have the opportunity to speak negatively about something, do you take it?

If someone is on a rant, do you jump in with your own complaints?

When someone starts complaining about what isn’t working, do you add your own failures to that conversation?

Many studies have shown that people are more likely to join in on a negative conversation than a positive one. It’s easier to point the finger and complain. The actual feeling of positivity has diminished so much that some people just can’t even find a smidge of it anywhere.

One of the lessons in The Gratitude Project Workshop is our choice of consumption, ownership, and creation.

Consumption: what you put on, in, or around your body and mind.

If you are using toxic products, you will have toxic reactions. If you are putting harmful things in your body, you will have harmful side effects. If you are surrounding your body and mind with toxicity and negativity, your life will be full of toxicity and negativity.

If you are using natural products, you will have natural reactions. If you are putting good things in your body, you will have good side effects. If you are surrounding your body and mind with positive energy and nurturing information, your life will be full of positivity and you will want to nurture others.

Ownership: It’s yours. Own it. It’s that simple.

If you own up to the reality of your choices, you will have more success at making change. For example, if I were to eat saturated fats, highly processed foods, and high sugar foods I wouldn’t feel so great. I would have less energy, be at a heavier weight, and have digestive issues. If I were to sit on my couch with my bucket of ice cream and constantly say, “I don’t know why I don’t feel good,” then I haven’t owned up to my choice of bad eating. When I own up to that, I can make change.

You have to take ownership of your actions in order to make change. If you don’t want to own up to the fact that you have that power, the ability to own your life, then you will struggle at moving forward.

Creation: the ability to make things happen.

We all have the power to create a different future for ourselves. For some, it comes easily. For others, it takes hard work. Sometimes it’s as easy as unfollowing that friend who is always upset on Facebook. Sometimes it’s as hard as telling that person face to face that there’s no space for them right now. You have the power to create your own future. Don’t want the temptation of the sweet treats and unhealthy snacks? Take them out of your home. Want to save up more money? Skip the trip to the coffee stand every day.

The simplicity of change is easy to talk about. It’s easy for me to tell you, “Just use an essential oil for that,” or “Have you read the book The High 5 Habit?” But for you to take the steps of consuming better, owning up to what needs to change, and creating your plan is all up to you.

What I get to do is help others find different choices. Whether or not they make that choice is up to them. I am just a resource, a coach, and a confidant.

If you’re ready to head into the New Year by consuming positive energy, owning up to your choices, and creating something more powerful, I would highly suggest attending The Gratitude Workshop on January 8th.

I can tell you all the reasons I think you should be there,

but until YOU tell yourself YOU need it,

my words won’t help you find the remedy.

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