The First Step

My small steps haven’t always been in a forward motion. Sometimes they have been giant steps that have taken me backwards or completely off track. For the most part, it’s been forward movement of some sort.

I’ve been around a lot of people who seem to be stuck on a loop in their path. Almost like they are taking the steps but it’s in a labyrinth that they can’t find their way out of. They keep walking, but they aren’t getting any closer to their destination or to a release.

And others say they are taking the steps, but behind closed doors they are just sitting, waiting for someone else to take them along or waiting for their steps to miraculously happen without any effort. Almost as if they are expecting change and progress to be delivered to their doorstep.

Movement, change, growth, and development all have to start with small steps. As a child, we take the smallest of steps with the help of furniture or our parents hands to get us moving in the right direct. We fall down a lot. But eventually we figure it out. At this critical time of learning to take steps, we go where we are taken or told to follow.

As we get older, we still tend to follow as we take our steps into new areas of our lives. We begin to make choices about who we will follow, how far we want to go, and if we even want to go at all.

Then there comes a time when we need to take those steps for ourselves. When the steps don’t include anyone else because there just isn’t space to take anyone along. These are the steps of personal development and awareness that something just isn’t working anymore.

Something needs to change.

Our steps need to take us in a different direction.

This realization is where the steps become difficult. Large boulders are put in our path, thorn bushes keep us from going forward, and the hills become mountains.

This is where we should not be taking the steps alone. This new critical time is when we should begin taking those steps with others, finding someone who is ready to move, surrounding ourselves with supporting hands to take the steps together.

It has always been in these times that I have found someone to walk with, someone taking the same steps. And whenever I decide to take those steps with someone else, I go a lot further.

That is one of the reasons The Gratitude Project came to be. The ability to change is in your own hands, but when you change with others, the momentum is longer and stronger.

My steps are not just for myself anymore. Every day I step closer to my goals and milestones. Some days, I step away from them. That’s when I can reach out to the women from The Gratitude Project and find the support I need to get back on track.

I am the only one who can move myself. I have to choose where I’m going but the great part is I have people to go with me.

If you would like to take the first steps towards making change, join us for The Gratitude Project Workshop.

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