My imagination comes from my Ideation strength. This is what keeps me filled with joy. It’s where my creativity lives, my ability to tailor a plan for an individuals needs, and where I come up with all the fun things I do.

There are some people who don’t have as much imagination as others. For some, it could be a struggle to come up with new ideas. For others, it could be hard to imagine something different in the future. And sometimes the future is something that just seems too dark and unknown.

It seems to me that all the great scholars and poets and minds of our past (and present) have had a lot to say about our limitations and fears. But they have also had a lot to say about overcoming those using the powers we naturally hold within, like our imagination, truths, or confidence.

Our limitations are always going to show up. They are going to change or mutate, just like things do in nature. We will conquer a limitation and there’s another one right behind it waiting for it’s turn.

If we truly embrace our own uniqueness, we will be able to get past those limitations.

Call it your imagination, strengths, talents, or mindset. It is your inner and natural way to move past your hesitations.

If you have been struggling to move past your limitations, I’m here to help. I have the resources and tools to create a customized plan to help you with your physical or emotional health, relationships, and confidence. If you would be interested in learning more, I’m just a click of a button away.

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