Where the roses have opened…

“Come out here where the roses have opened. Let soul and world meet.” ~Rume

This was my journal prompt for the day. “Where the roses have opened…” This made me think of all the different women that I have been helping and how so many of them are in different stages of blooming. Some are full and reaching towards the sun. Others are still closed but growing. Some have thorns, small buds, and haven’t quite found the sunlight to stretch to.

This quote also immediately brought me to my dear friend, Gretchen, who has gone full bloom and beyond. She has opened her own business, Gretchen’s Happy Homestead, and has begun tending to her own rose garden of women, nurturing them and filling their souls with goodness.

I thought of my dear friend Connie, who is just beginning to bloom and is one of the most rare and beautiful roses I’ve seen.

I also thought of my friend Stephanie, owner of Radiant Life Unlimited, who has a massive garden of roses in all stages of bloom. She has some rare roses that only bloom once in a great while and some other roses that bloom every single day.

And I thought of a long distance friend, Kay, who has the most beautiful roses, ones that are so unique and bloom all the time. Her December roses are vanilla colored with little red sun kisses. She takes such great care of her roses. And she’s a bloomed rose herself.

I also started thinking of the actual word ROSE as not only the most common, matriarchal symbol when it comes to flowers, but also as the verb: to rise, lift, moved from a lower position to a higher one. And I thought of how each woman is rising up and lifting others.

I realized I have been creating my own rose garden. I’ve been nurturing other beautiful roses, helping them heal, filling their soul (and soil) with nutrients and goodness, and lifting them up so they can see and feel the sun, the warmth, and the joy. I’m seeing them tend to their own gardens, share their beauty with others, and bloom beautifully.

This thought has warmed my heart on this cold December day.

As I tend to those roses ready to bloom, I will not only go where the roses have opened, but I will take others there as well.

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