Don’t waste your heartbeats…

As I sat down to pick my journal prompt, I realized I already had something on my mind that I wanted to talk about. I had an amazing coaching call with a group of people who are ready to embrace who they are and move forward authentically so that they are filling their space with more joy and enthusiasm instead of struggles. There was a question asked during this call that got me thinking,

“What do I love doing and how can I watch myself doing the things I love?”

I used to spend my heart beats at a 9 to 5, doing the same thing day in and day out. I enjoyed this job because I was surrounded by people in all the layers of my relationship circle. I talked to people daily that were close friends, people who were just in and out of my space for a brief moment, and all the others in between. Though the majority of my job was monotonous crap, there were times when it was exhilarating, when I had to find the solution to someone’s problem or solve a mystery to get my paperwork correct. I loved how this job gave me the opportunity to create different ways to stay organized and on top of the work load. That creativity kept me at my job for over a decade.

But the monotony and a few other things began to drag me down. I realized that job wasn’t fulfilling any kind of passion for me. My heartbeats were being wasted on something that was never going to be anything more than a management position with no where else to go.

That’s when I realized it was up to me to change and to fill my heart with what I desired. I took my 9 to 5 into my home. I tried to become the entrepreneur that everyone expected me to be. I tried to follow that blanket expectation and my heart hated it. Anytime there was mention of the typical network marketing strategies, I could feel my heart deflate.

Then, I found the Unleash Your Strengths community filled with people struggling with the same issues. I saw others who were feeling stuck, let down, and overwhelmed.

Last night we started with one simple action item to create momentum in our businesses by speaking to our heart song. I get to honor my desire to create with the right people new and inspiring ways to help them live intentionally from their heart.

Now my business is the all about creativity, which is my strongest heartbeat. It’s the natural rhythm where my heart feels the most joy and fulfillment. I give people personal attention and create an atmosphere of just being there to help them feel better. I get to be attentive to each person and create something just for them. I use my heart song every day.

Our heart beats are infinite. They are a commodity, similar to time, that you cannot replenish. You don’t get to make more heartbeats. You don’t get to save them up and use them later. But what you can do is make the absolute MOST of them by letting your heart lead you.

I would love the opportunity to tell you more about how you can live out your passions and fill each heartbeat with joy and authenticity. It only takes 30 minutes to find out.

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