Bringing Gratitude to My Community

Fall is beautiful and is not only the season of change, but also the beginning of the season of thanks and family and holiday spirit.

In that spirit of change and moving forward, I want to invite you to a really amazing workshop that myself and Stephanie Connor, owner of Radiant Life Unlimited, are putting on next Saturday, November 6th in Pinehurst, Idaho.  

In this workshop I will get the honor of meeting some amazing women and helping them incorporate gratitude and essential oils into their lives. It has been a dream of mine to stand in front of a crowd and share the knowledge and experiences I’ve had.

The Gratitude Project was created as an 8 week course to help women create a daily gratitude practice using essential oils and tools from personal development and life coaching. In our efforts to promote this workshop, we realized that there was a missing piece to this experience…the energy of other women.

As 2021 closes out, I am anxious to get out from behind a computer screen and surround myself with the energy of others who are seeking joy, change, liberation, and who are ready to reclaim their worth and their individuality. I have seen The Gratitude Project work already on our past graduates and I’m excited to be able to help other women find that passion in their lives.

Please take a look at the event, share it with people that you know, and come to the workshop to learn how to bring more joy into your life by celebrating the things that are already there.

If I could ask you a favor, as well…

If you know of an organization or workplace that would be interested in an event like this, I would be ever so grateful if you could pass the information along for me. My intentions are to help women find joy in their lives and reach as many as I can. With your help, I can get closer and closer to my goal of helping women live intentionally from their hearts.

If you have any questions about this event, or anything else, just holler!

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