The Wind in Your Sails

There are times when the wind that is filling your sails is full of lies, false pretenses, and just plain ugliness. My sails got a big gust of this type of wind yesterday.

In all the things I do in my business, there are times when I am in the seas of another country and the lifestyle and actions of that country totally go against my core values. But there are times that we have to visit those waters because it is part of the voyage.

What happened while I was visiting those waters? My boat started to rock and the waters got rough. I started picking up passengers along the way that began to trash my vessel and change it’s look so much so that people didn’t even recognize it. The passengers on my boat felt my anger. I was allowing the revolting wind to fill my sails and change my course.

So I left. I turned my sails into a different current. I filled my sails with the winds of truth, peace, and gratitude. When you do that, your vessel becomes purpose bound. These embracing and encouraging winds become songs. Your boat becomes majestic and filled with authentic passengers.

Then, when all the winds die down and your sails lie flat, you will have a vessel filled with kind, supportive, and passionate passengers. They become your friends and followers. They will lift an oar and help you continue your purpose bound voyage.

Is it time for a new travel plan? Get out your map. Check your sails. What words are whispered or shouted on the winds? Is your vessel a thing of beauty? Do you need help steering into the winds of truth, change, or gratitude? Do you need to swab the deck and have a few people walk the plank? It might be time to change course.

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