Will You Buy Your Ticket?

Think back 20 years. Are there things you wish you would have done, places you wish you traveled to, or people you could have met? I think everyone has some regrets about a trip, an investment, or a desire that they didn’t follow through on. If you could go back, would it change where you are, WHO you are right now?

Think back 10 years. Same questions. This doesn’t seem so long ago but there are still things that come up. Maybe the desires weren’t as big as 20 years ago, but there’s probably something you feel you missed out on.

Now, think back to the last 2 years.

Even if there wasn’t anything 10 or 20 years ago, I bet there was something in the past 2 years that you’ve missed out on, wanted to do, or had a desire to change. If you don’t have anything, then kudos to you for living intentionally! Share your secret with us.

I know for a fact that there were things I should have or shouldn’t have done 20 years ago. I don’t think I would be the person I am today if I made any changes though. So I reflect on the past 2 years. Have I done all that I wanted? Not by a long shot but I have bought my tickets to travel.

In the past 2 years I have invested more in myself than all my years so far. I have made strides to take more of the trips that my soul needs, more of the adventures that I don’t want to miss out on, and more trips through the uncomfortable things to grow. I have invested financially, physically, and emotionally and I’m not done with the trip yet.

But, I am not the only person who needs to buy a ticket.

There are approximately 258 million adults in the United States as of 2020*. Some of those adults are traveling and some of them are staying home. Some are exploring outside their area, seeing the sights, and riding those rollercoasters. Some are home, comfortable, secure, and perfectly content. Both of these options require a certain level of investment, either monetarily, physically, or emotionally. Right now may not be the time to grab a ticket to some fantasy world or a far away place but it is time to travel.

How wonderful would it be to take a trip to look at the most amazing things that you already have surrounding you? How fun would it be to reminisce over the accomplishments and memories of the past? How exciting would it be to see yourself living at a higher level, feeling empowered and confident that you could weather the turbulence outside? What if you could invest in a trip that doesn’t take you outside your home, but takes you inside yourself? Would you buy a ticket?

If only 1/4 of the adult population would take the time to invest in this trip, there would be about 64 million empowered, enlightened, and confident people. These 64 million people would share all of this with others and the power of the ripple effect would be massive.

That’s me being a dreamer though, right? Absolutely. Because I my #1 strength is being futuristic.

What if just one person started this trip? What if just one person bought their ticket and started to feel the shift from scarcity to abundance? From sadness to joy? From unappreciation to gratitude?

I have the opportunity to share my travels with others and I do that by running The Gratitude Project with Radiant Life Unlimited. This project has become a catalyst for so many women to start finding abundance all around them and bringing their dreams to reality.

I invite all of you to buy a ticket to take this amazing trip. It will become the first of many trips and you will love the sights you see.

*2020 US Census Bureau http://www.census.gov

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