Is it that simple?

Could it be that simple? If that little voice within you is saying, “You can’t do that,” do you just do what it says you can’t and it shuts up?

It might not shut it up, but it sure does make it quiet down.

I have an inner voice. Her name is Susie. She likes to drink tequila and tell me all about what I can’t do. She points out all the things, not just painting. “You can’t loose weight. You can’t pass up that donut. You can’t catch your husband’s eye anymore. You can’t be super mom. You can’t. You can’t. You can’t. Susie is very annoying.

I have found a way to shut her up though.

Like coffee can sober you up, self-care and gratitude can shut Susie up. Practicing these two things daily helps keep her quiet. When I treat myself right, I feel better. When I feel better, the nagging comments about my looks don’t show up as often. When I practice gratitude, I see all that I have from all that I didn’t have not too long ago. I create space for more blessings to enter my life by looking at each day with the eyes of gratitude.

I also change my perception of things that I am being told I can’t do. Can I really not paint? Is that a true statement? No, it’s not! I’m not a Van Gough or Picasso or even a Bob Ross. But put me with a group of women, a great instructor, and a stencil and I can paint like a pro!

Can I really not loose weight? Is that a true statement? No, it’s not! I have done it before. My perception got skewed when I was trying to do different things instead of just doing the thing that worked before.

When you read this quote today, replace “PAINT” with something you are struggling on doing right now. Whether it’s health, relationships, money, or just believing in yourself, put that thing in that words place. Now, to silence that little voice, go out there and do that thing but DO IT YOUR OWN WAY! Don’t do it like a professional. If you go at it thinking you’re a pro, you will beat yourself up when it’s not perfect.

Perfection is not a realistic target!

Being original, authentic, and true to you is absolutely a realistic target!

Pick up a paint brush, don’t worry about perfection, and create an original masterpiece.

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