Everyone has ups and downs. Our lives are a constant roller coaster ride. We gain momentum, work hard, bask in the success of reaching the top, and at the height of it all we start to slide down. When we slide forward, it’s not so bad. But when we reach the top and start sliding backwards, that’s when we feel desperation and loss of control.

I got a call from a friend yesterday. She was at a yard sale and there was something there we could both use. (I love when my friends call from sales and are thinking of me.) We made an extremely spontaneous purchase of a large quantity of items. It was one of those things you just couldn’t pass up. She came over and we counted and sorted for about an hour. It was nice to have someone over, even if we were busy.

While we were talking, we shared our feelings of the ups and downs that have been happening lately. A lot of chaos, strong emotions, and feeling alone.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this conversation. It has happened two other times this week.

As I read my quote for this morning, I got to thinking about my own feelings and what’s been going on in my space. It has felt like a complete roller coaster ride. I’ll work hard, rise to the top, and then crash down. The peaks are great! There’s excitement up there, anticipation of good things to come, and it’s fun. But after all the other passengers get off the ride, it’s just me and that’s when my roller coaster starts the downhill slide. Thankfully, it hasn’t been a backslide for a while.

How am I going to keep the excitement at the top and make the length of my peak lasting longer and longer? Eventually I would like a roller coaster that just stays up and has some mellow hills, not a drastic rise and fall. I’m not a fan of roller coasters anyways, so maybe this analogy isn’t exactly helpful to me, but it might be helpful to someone else.

This morning I get to finish some final touches on some courses to be released and then focus on getting some housework done. I will create my own peak of happiness by spending some time with the kids or doing something more exciting than a load of laundry. Maybe today, I don’t need the roller coaster ride. Maybe a nice carousel ride with some gentle ups and downs, some playful music, and a golden ring to catch.

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