Next floor Please

Yesterday was a doozy! It was one of those days where I was constantly reminded of the poor decisions I have been making lately. Not life altering bad decisions, just things I could be doing better or should be doing right now instead of later.

We all have to make decisions. You step into an elevator and you choose to go up or down. Depends on your destination. My destination is clear, but my decision to push the up arrow hasn’t been.

I have big things coming up! I’m headed to a Strengths Event and dōTERRA’s convention and I need to get some small things taken care of. I have to decide what needs done before I leave, and what can wait for me to come back. I have to decide on the classes to launch now, and the classes to launch later. I have to pull out my Arborvitae essential oil and get it diffusing throughout the house to give me the motivation to achieve these things.

Along with all the “to dos”, I need to get serious on my decision to take care of my body. I make the right decisions when it comes to grabbing my essential oils, taking my vitamins, and practicing self-care. The wrong decisions I’ve been making were brought to my attention yesterday by the comments of a few women. I’m struggling with my eating habits and managing my weight. I need to stick to the decisions I’ve made about healthier eating and moving my body. I’ve been using my circumstances as excuses to be reasons for my failures.

Decisions in life should always be about pushing the up arrow, but I’m hardly ever pushing that button in my own elevator.

Today I push that arrow in my own elevator. Next floor please.

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