From Failure to Foundation

Failure is one of those words that has been given a negative vibe for a long time. It makes you feel bad or lousy. What we should feel is encouragement and or inspiration.

Another negative undertone to failure is that once you fail, that’s it. No more trying. Lastly, failure sounds like a BIG thing, but you can have small failures that don’t deter you from trying again.

When you fail, you make a decision as to whether or not you will try again. That decision will change your course. You might ride a new roller coaster, get sick, and say, “Nope, NEVER again!” That would be a safe failure that really doesn’t effect your life. Unless you’re a roller coaster inspector. That might dramatically change your life.

Look back at the days of pyramid building. There must have been an immense amount of failures there. Mixing the mud had to be figured out. The shape of the bricks needed to be near perfect. Imagine how many times they had to remove a stone or fix a stone to make the pyramid rise. They had to create a foundation and part of that foundation came from failures.

The great pyramid builders didn’t suspend the top of their pyramid from the sky and work down! That’s impossible. So why would we do the same thing when it comes to building anything of our own? Why do we hold ourselves to this standard of perfection where we have to think if we “fake it ’til we make it”?

Start from the ground level. Use your failures to build your foundation. Build from that foundation and make your way to the heavens.

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