My true happiness is my kids, my husband, and my home. Safety, love, and the creations from that love.

I’ve had many butterfly moments in my life. Times when, out of the blue, I’ve been blessed or appreciated, loved or welcomed. Sometimes I have damaged that happiness because I’ve grabbed onto the wings of that butterfly, felt the soft scales, but worn them off so that butterfly hasn’t been able to go out and gift that happiness to someone else. I’ve even put that butterfly in a jar to keep forever, but it suffocated and it’s happiness died away.

Happiness is meant to be received, shared, and given to others.

That is the path of the butterfly, to bring happiness to flowers and plants by pollenating, spreading that happiness to others. Until this morning, I had never thought of what I’m doing as being a butterfly.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, that people are placed in your path at the right time for a reason. Those people are my butterflies. They are either here to gift me some happiness or they are here to receive some of my happiness. Either way, I want to share the things I have learned and earned with them so that they can flutter out and share that happiness with others.

Have you ever seen those documentaries where the monarch butterflies go in mass during their migration? That’s how I see The Gratitude Project, as the home base where the butterflies hang out in North America. Then when they have graduated from the project, they migrate to share what they’ve learned, to spread that happiness and gratitude to others, to pollenate the world with gratitude.

I’m releasing a 10-day mini Gratitude Project to begin sending happiness out to others. This mini version is a self-paced course. It starts your own metamorphosis. It creates your butterfly moments. And it prepares you to join the migration of The Gratitude Project.

Start attracting the butterflies to you. Bring happiness and gratitude into your life so that you can share it with others.

To join The Gratitude Project, register for the 10-day mini course (TGP Mini) or sign up for the full course (TGP Full).

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