Have you ever daydreamed? I would guess that you have. Have you ever taken that a step further and written down one of those daydreams? Do you have the same daydream? A new house, a new car, a bigger bank account, the partner for life, the kids, the pets, the vacations, the health?

Yesterday I had a great conversation with my collaborative business partner, Radiant Life Unlimited, and we talked about how hard we have worked and the dreams that we have. Our typical phone calls are usually like that. A lot work and planning that gets done but mostly it’s about where we are headed.

Yesterday was just a little bit different. We talked about living life. Not just going about our day to day chores, running our business, or taking care of the family. Really, truly LIVING our life.

This morning I started really thinking about my dream life. I took some time to write down a few future visions of how that life gets to play out. There were a lot of those typical wants and desires like the house and car and money. So I got specific and played out two scenarios of the dream life I get to create. I made those dreams come to life on paper by getting really specific and including every detail I could think of. And I have printed those out to see every day, to visualize the dream and take the path that leads to that dream.

I fear that a lot of us are living day to day, waiting for the next ball to drop, and living small. I fear that our dreams are being minimized by the influences around us and that leads to poor lifestyle choices, decreasing health, and emotional instability.

I encourage you today to write down your dream. Get specific. Look for that path.

And even if you can’t see that dream at the end of your travels, just take a walk down the road towards the direction of something good.

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