Hard Work Pays Off

Yesterday I had to work hard. Not the kind of hard like digging a ditch by hand or cutting a load of firewood. Hard like, dig deep, find my strengths, and use them. Oh, and be confident that what you are good at what you are doing. Yeah, right!

I had a new coaching client call and it was my “shit or get off the pot” call. It was the thing that I’ve been waiting for that boosted my confidence in what I am doing, showed me that I have learned the information, and that I have something valuable that can serve others. The hard work was believing in myself and just doing what I do without thinking about who I was talking to.

I’ve always felt like the underdog, like I can play the game because I know enough but I’ll never actually win the game. It’s like being on the JV squad, knowing you have the talent and the skills but the confidence level isn’t enough to get you on the Varsity team.

Now that I’ve learned my strengths, I have the play book for the game. Not only have I worked hard, practiced, and learned all the plays but now I can coach the game. In my eyes, this experience put me on the Varsity team and made me assistant coach.

This is when the work REALLY starts. Now I need to put those plays into action, practice more, and solidify my game. And this time, I’m REALLY excited to play.

I want to hear from you. What have you worked really hard at and grabbed the trophy of success at the end of the game? Where have you been the star player? What successes have come to fruition because you’ve poured the energy and work into it?

If you’re ready to get your playbook, register below to discover your strengths.

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  1. YES! I am so happy for you! You work so hard and I am so glad it is paying off!!

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