Falling Down

I’ve fallen down WAY more than seven times, so many times that I can’t count them all. There are times that I have fallen because I’ve tripped over the same thing more than once. There are times I’ve fallen because someone has pushed me down. And there are times I’ve fallen and just laid there for a while, not willing to get up.

But I have gotten up every single time.

There have been many times that I have needed someone to help me get up, where I’ve asked for help. Sometimes I’ve fallen so hard that not even a crowd can lift me, but the universe did.

From all the falling, being pushed, and getting back up, I have been getting better at knowing when the fall is coming. I’m a little more prepared to fall down these days. And I’ve been able to use the lessons I’ve learned from those falls to help others prevent falling down or to be there to help them get back up again.

My business was created because I kept falling down. And I will always reach out my hand to help others get back up.

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