Seeking Knowledge

When I first read this quote, I got stumped a little. I couldn’t put my finger on what I can’t do and what I was learning to do. But I could put my finger on HOW I learn and why. From my CliftonStrengths Assessment, I know now that I don’t typically learn for myself, I learn to gather information for others. I have Input as my #8 Strength. I like to bring in all the information and tuck it away in my mental file cabinet so that when someone needs it, I can pull it out and share it with them. I don’t learn everything about something, just enough to know how to go back to the resource to learn more.

As I continued to ponder this I had 5 questions come up in my mind. I thought today would be a good day to experiment with some feedback. For those of you reading my blog today, I would be honored if you would take 5 minutes of your time and send me back the answers to these questions:

  • 1 – What’s the last thing you learned how to do?
  • 2 – What are you in the middle of learning?
  • 3 – How do you learn?
  • 4 – Why does learning that way work for you?
  • 5 – What have you mastered?

The last thing I learned how to do was some new cake decorating skills. I was tasked with re-creating my parents wedding cake for their 50th anniversary party. It was a daunting task as their cake was 3 tiers and ALL hand piped, beautiful work that my Aunt did. I watched some videos and was able to create some beautiful fondant roses and pipe some draping icing that I haven’t done before. It was definitely one of my greater successes when it comes to learning something new.

White Cake with Lemon Curd Filling / Lemon Essential Oil Buttercream

My newest venture has been gardening. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Gretchen, and the help of her online gardening course, I have been able to produce some beautiful plants. And some of them have even produced some harvest! I had tried gardening before but I hadn’t really learned about it. I just threw some plants in the ground and hoped for the best. That never really worked out for me.

When I took the time to learn about gardening, I was able to prepare everything, pick the plants that I wanted and needed for my family, and care for them the right way. There is a big difference in what I used to do and what I have done with this garden. Check out Gretchen’s Happy Homestead to learn more!

I am a physical learner. I like to have something in my hands, be told how to do it, but do it myself.

This type of learning helps me retain what I am being taught. If I want to learn a new crochet pattern, I need to put the yarn and hook in my hands and follow along. If I want to blend some essential oils for a healthy supportive roller, I need those oils in my hands so I can smell them and add them to my own roller. If you’ve ever attended a Zoom call with me, you will see I’m constantly writing things down. That’s because in order to learn what’s being taught, I have to physically do something to retain the information. I take a lot of notes on all the calls and classes I attend online.

And right now, I haven’t mastered anything. I am really good at some things. I can play the piano and write music well. I can crochet pretty much anything. I have certificates and degrees that qualify and certify that I’ve learned. I know a lot about essential oils. I know a lot about natural wellness. But I have not mastered anything. If I master something, then what? Then I stop learning and I stop living.

I think every day should be a learning experience. You should bring new information in on a daily basis to keep your mind fresh. And you should hone in on the skills and lessons you are good at, and make them even better. And once you have learned, SHARE. Teach others what you know. Spread your knowledge to those who can find value in what you know. And seek that value and knowledge from others. Surround yourself with people who want to learn the same things.

Tell me what you know, teach me something new today. I am always open to learning more.

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