Let’s Go Sailing

Not only can you never cross the ocean without losing sight of the shore, but you can’t do it without a boat.

As I read this quote, I realized that I don’t really have a problem losing sight of the shore. I can go out there, not look back, and be ok with that. I don’t need to see where I’ve been, I only want to see where I’m going. And I asked myself, “Why is that? Why are you so comfortable not looking back?”

Well, probably two reasons. One is that I can’t change the past so why keep staring at it. The second, looking forward energizes me. It gets me excited to see what tomorrow will bring, who I can talk to, where I can go, what I can get done.

Another realization as to why the shore isn’t so appealing to me is because of the unique strengths I have. I’ve taken this amazingly insightful test to tell me what my 34 unique strengths are. These are categories that describe certain talents that I have. The top of the list are all the strengths that are SUPER energizing. They are the things that bring me joy and help me take action to get what I want. There are middle of the road strengths that I can lean on when I need them, but I don’t use them to spark that fire. Then there are bottom strengths that throw on the brakes in my life, cause me to hesitate and be afraid to move on.

The top 10 strengths are my story, my way of life, my DNA.

My #1 strength is Futuristic: an inspiring way of looking ahead. That’s how I define this strength for me. I’m always looking forward for myself and others. This is my ship. This is my Santa Maria. It’s the vessel that moves me forward in life. My #2 strength is Belief. That’s me in the crow’s nest knowing exactly where I should go and how I should get there (people with high belief “should” a lot). My #3, Developer, the sails of my ship. The things that keep me going, that fill me up, that hold the movement. My #4, Relator. This is my hand chosen crew. These are my select few that get to go with me on my journey.

Now, the #5 strength is always a person’s anchor. The strength that keeps them grounded and balanced. My anchor is Ideation. It’s exactly as it sounds. My ideas, my thoughts, my plans, my creativity. It keeps me in one place when I need to focus on completing something. When I release my anchor, the ideas get put into motion.

My #6, Connectedness, is the wind in my sails. It’s getting the signs from the universe to move forward or slow down. It can be a hurricane or a nice breeze. It’s where all the things that need to be placed in my path are set. #7, Restorative: fixing what’s broken. In my ship you can see some of the scars and cracks from previous struggles but I’ve filled them in with super tight, water resistant glue to keep the old out and move forward. #8, Input. This is my cargo. All the things that I need to have or know are stored in my ship to pull out and use when necessary. #9, Positivity. These are my dolphins. They are the great, happy, fun-loving things that follow me through my journey. And #10, Intellection. My maps. The things that I ponder over and use to choose the next path.

All of this may sound kind of kooky or “woo-woo” to you and that’s ok. There is a lot of scientific proof, studies, and data that has been gathered by the person and company that created the test to find your strengths. To me, science and proof are great but they don’t sell me.

What sold me on my strengths was the accuracy of the results.

Learning more about strengths has opened my eyes to how I can go out there in the world and make a difference in not only my life, but in the lives of so many other women just by being who I am naturally made up to be. Game changer!

Before strengths, I was always working hard to “strengthen my weaknesses”. You’ve probably felt the same way at some point in your life. We’ve all had that talking to about a low grade in school that we need to work harder on, or a sport that we aren’t the best at but we should try harder. Yes, we should try harder to do things, but we shouldn’t focus on trying to do things that bring us down. For example, my #34 bottom of the barrel strength is Context. This is focusing on the past, using the past to make things better, or just reliving your past over and over and over again. With Futuristic as #1, it’s no wonder Context comes in dead last. So I don’t focus on it. It drains my energy to think of all the shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

So, I sail my ship with my strengths and move myself forward. I discover new friends, create ideas and plans, and inspire others to see their brighter destination.

If you are interested in learning more about strengths, how to find yours, and receiving a complimentary strengths report reading, just click the “Tell Me More” button.

I’d love to help you set sail.

For more information on finding your strengths, visit Gallup®.

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