“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” ~Anonymous

I’ve asked myself over and over, “How am I going to change the world?” I know what I want to do about it. And I know what I need to do in order to head in the direction of change. But I struggle with looking so far into the future of change that I am ignoring where change really needs to begin.

I recently started working on making change in my health. I know I need to be aware of the food choices I’m making. I know I need to move my body more. I know I need to do all the things that help move me into a better state of physical and emotional health. But do I do these things? In all honesty, I do them consistently for a few weeks and then fall back into the same old same old.

I am looking at the other areas of my life where I want to create positive change. I have had success in the past, but I haven’t kept that success going. And what I have been realizing, is I’m not the only one who is stuck here.

In order to make the changes I want to see in the world, I need to make those changes in my own life. Sure, I’m an essential oil lover, a natural wellness and personal development coach. I have tools that I use for my business to help others. I have a life coach and access to a nutritionist and physical trainer. All the resources I need are literally right in front of me. So, why don’t I use those resources for myself?

Change in the world needs to begin with change in yourself.

If you can’t believe that you are capable of making change, you aren’t going to make change.

If I can’t believe I am capable of making change, I am not going to make change.

Today I am challenging myself to take inventory of the things I already know have worked to create a healthier lifestyle, more prosperity, better relationships, and stronger belief. I will use the things that have worked and I will stick to using them until they are habits that no longer need prompting.

What are you working to change? Are you stuck at the end of a rubber band, struggling to break free and go into the greatness that is waiting for you? Do you want someone to listen to your crazy ideas and share in that excitement? Are you ready to look inwards and make the changes there before you change the world?

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