Into the Light

I had an amazing visit with a friend yesterday. We had the best conversations and have grown into the most true and authentic versions of ourselves while acknowledging that we have so much more work to do.

In sharing my different ideas and thoughts with her, I realized that I have been sitting in the shadows, afraid of the light that is shining bright within. During our conversation there were several things that she said that struck a chord in me. One of those was when we find our purpose, we have found our relationship with our higher being. She has a strong relationship with God. I have a relationship with something that I have chosen not to label. But our relationships are so similar because we now live very intentionally and we share with others because we want to help others. Her explanation of this relationship gave me the power to move forward and not be afraid to share this light.

I am so grateful for the 16 year friendship that I have with my friend. I know that if there is something she could help me with, I could call her at 2 o’clock in the morning and she would be there for me. I used to think those type of friends were hard to find. But as I share my light with others around me, I am finding that there are several friends entering my life that I could call at 2 o’clock in the morning. Where I thought I had very limited friends, I am realizing I actually have many friends. This is another part of the fear of the light that I have struggled with for years.

I will no longer be afraid of the light, the spot light, or sharing this light with others. I have a full plate of ideas, creativity, education, and experience that needs to be a light for someone else.

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