Happiness is…

When do you feel the most joy? Where are you when you have a full cup and a light heart? Is there a space that you’ve created to feel happiness every day?

I’ve been a bit absent lately. Not in life, but in business. I’ve been struggling with finding the happiness in what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, every day I have the opportunity to help someone and I cherish each of those opportunities. But lately I’ve been struggling with the movement forward, onto the next best thing, the next step to the bigger picture. So, I took the weekend to unplug and relax.

I spent my weekend surrounded by family and nature. It was our May birthday celebration where we all come together to celebrate each other and catch up with what’s been happening in our lives. I’m a May birthday and so is my oldest daughter along with my youngest nephew. I noticed this year there was a little more thought put into the gifts received. They weren’t elaborate or expensive, but they were meaningful and thoughtful. I was extremely happy with my youngest sister’s gift to me. She created some amazing resin coasters and a trivet. They are gorgeous! The trivet will give an elegant look to the diffuser on my desk. My sister and mom both chose gifts that were really unique to the things I enjoy, raising chickens and drinking wine.

Where my happiness was at it’s highest was out along the riverbank, hanging out with my dad and my kids. I love being in nature and I love that my kids have the opportunity to do all the fun things with my dad that I got to do as a kid, even when they didn’t seem fun at the time. We spent the day along the riverbank watching jet boat races and took a hike up a hill. This was a much needed break from the usual routine.

As I sat writing in my journal this morning I realized how much I have to be grateful for and what joy those things bring me. I also need to keep in mind that if I don’t recharge and surround myself with happiness, I end up slowing down, making excuses for not taking care of business, and one or two days of break turns into weeks.

Today I will use that happiness as my fuel to get things done. I will remember to enjoy life and slow down a bit. But I will also remember not to down to a standstill.

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