Learning Something New

When we go to school there are things that we “have to” learn in order to pass our grade, move to the next grade, and eventually graduate high school. Some go on to college and start that same process all over again. Then once a person finds their passion, an entirely new type of learning happens. You learn in order to make change.

That’s how I know all the stuff I do about essential oils. I was trying to overcome an obstacle in my health so I began to learn. Once I saw the results of using essential oils, I wanted to learn more and more. It became a need to learn in order to change my lifestyle because I would apply the things I had learned. I use my essential oils every day and I learn something new almost every day.

This just happened yesterday. My son was playing out in the field and was pretending to be sliding in the “snow” down the grassy hill. In the spot he chose to slide down, there are stinging nettle bushes. Of course, the only spot on our property that has stinging nettles. He proceeded to slide on his rear down the hill, over a patch of nettles, and then ran screaming up to the house.

If you have never been stung by a nettle, you are lucky! These bushes are vicious. They have hollow fine hairs attached to the leaves that act as mini needles. They poke into your skin and release a chemical that causes stinging, rash, redness, and super annoying discomfort. If you try to brush them off, it just pushes them in further and exacerbates the reaction.

While my son is crying, I strip him down to find four spots on the backs of his legs where he has gotten into the nettles. I had a battle with the nettles a couple years ago while trying to grab one of my rogue chickens. I had nettle stings up both arms and around my ankles. But that was a couple years ago so I had forgotten what to use to help relieve the discomfort. I reached for my essential oil book, found stings, and learned again what was needed to help out in this situation.

That’s when I applied what I had learned to my son’s legs. Wash the area with soap and water and let air dry. DO NOT pat or rub the area dry. Attempt to remove the nettle hairs, if you can find them. Apply 2 drops of Roman Chamomile around the area of the inflammation. I like to use Roman Chamomile for the kids but you can also use lavender. Then try to get those nettle hairs out. This is not an easy task on a 5 year old boy.

Two things were learned from this experience. #1 Don’t slide down the field of grass on your rear. #2 Roman Chamomile for nettle stings.

This is how I have gained all of my knowledge about essential oils, what to use, and how to use them. I have learned from my experiences and struggles or from others. Then I have put that knowledge in my mental file cabinet to pull out when needed. Or I grab a book.

Learning something new applies to all sorts of things. I am constantly learning new things and finding places to apply them in my own life. I’ve taken business classes on graphic design and used them to create content for this website. I didn’t just learn about it and then move on to the next thing, like we do in grade school. The things I learn now are to help me take action in my life today. Once you have the basic skills for life, you can start honing in on the things you desire to learn about. For example, I have ZERO desire to learn about investment opportunities, stocks, and retirement money but my husband is really into this right now. He is learning about it daily and gathering the information so that he can take action. I could care less. This is not my passion, it isn’t even part of a curiosity. He wants to learn more about it so he is soaking it up. I’ll pass.

I am learning more and more about helping other women live intentionally by learning about their unique strengths. I am applying that knowledge daily and coaching clients. This is something that I am very passionate about that runs right in line with my core values and my desire to lift women to a level of happiness and empowerment. Ask my husband anything about this and he will fade out. He has ZERO desire to learn anything about it but I am constantly feeding my brain and taking action in my life and in the lives of others.

Once you have learned the basics for life: reading, writing, math, and science; go out there and learn something that you WANT to learn. Find a class on the thing that makes you smile. Learn something new from creating and imagining. Put your efforts into the things that will bring you joy and push you to the next level. Then apply what you’ve learned and watch the change happen.

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