Capture Your Heart

Ancient Indian proverbs bring me more thought than almost any quote from any one person.

Pursue what captures your heart…

There’s always something new and shiny that people start raving about. A new must have gadget or app. A new fad or new look that has everyone jumping on board to try it, use it, buy it, sell it. I’ve been a sucker to some of these new and inspiring things in the past. I have learned to choose my pursuits a little more carefully now.

The bandwagon is a fun place to be at first. Everyone is excited and telling all their friends who tell all their friends and so on and so forth. The bandwagon gets bigger, a little crowded, and some people start jump off. Sometimes the bandwagon gets a chip out of the wheel and the road becomes bumpy or uncomfortable. You might even have a wheel fall completely off. If this sounds familiar to you, I would bet you’ve probably done some network marketing before.

Network marketing is the shiny thing that attracts many people, especially stay at home mom’s. The promises that are made, the free stuff, and all the other trinkets make it tempting and easy to jump on that bandwagon. But, is it something that is great, gets better, and eventually changes your life? Or is it something that is great, gets harder, and starts to be more of a money waste than a money gain?

Network marketing was certainly not the thing I wanted to pursue when I started working for dōTERRA. I wasn’t looking for a business. Far from it! I was looking for a solution to a pretty significant struggle I was having in my life. What dōTERRA ended up doing was finding me a solution to my struggles, making a transformational change in my life, and providing a means to support my family with natural solutions and with financial solutions.

That was almost 10 years ago. The bandwagon that I chose to be a passenger on has gone from a temporary ride to the way I live my life. It’s no longer just the thing to try, it’s the way I live day in and day out.

With dōTERRA, I have been given the ability to capture the vision in my heart. I have created a wellness company focusing on empowering women. That is where my heart thrives. I get to wake up every morning and think of new ideas to help women enhance their lives on a personal level. I get to coach them in business, marriage, parenting, and the care of others. Most importantly, I get to coach them on their belief in themselves, that they can achieve whatever they want by putting in the work and we do it one step at a time, hand in hand, and celebrate every little success along the way.

I spent a lot of time chasing shiny things that caught my eye but never caught my heart. Now I chase all the things that capture my heart first, and not so much my eye.

What are some of the things that have captured your heart?

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