Do Your Best

When I read this quote, I started to think about what I do best. I came up with a few things like being a good mom, wife, and friend. Keeping up on my business and doing things around the house. But I realized I am good at those things, but I’m not doing them my best.

I’m a good mom. I take care of my kids, take them to all their sports, play games, read books, and all those things that a “good” mom does. Is that my best though? No. I could be more attentive when they are practicing and give them more encouragement. I could read the bedtime story instead of saying it’s too late or we’ll do it tomorrow. I could keep my word more and have less excuses about why we can’t do something. I am not doing my best at being a mom.

I’m a good coach. I help other women grow their business, have stronger belief in themselves, or empower them to care for themselves and their family. Am I the best coach? No. Sometimes I don’t follow up when I should. Sometimes I cancel appointments and don’t put my clients on a high priority level. I am not doing my best at being a coach.

I’m a good business woman. I run a successful business that helps other people find peace and comfort. Am I the best business woman? No. If I was I would have financial freedom. I would have the time to do all the things I want to do. I would be present more for my customers and clients. I am not doing my best at running my business.

My “best” effort isn’t the same as someone else’s. I can be my best at playing tennis but I would choke if I played an actual tennis player. I can be my best at teaching other women, but there are other women out there who are better than me.

Being your best is about YOU, not someone else.

What I am doing, is growing, learning, and recognizing the things that I can do better. I’m doing my best to change not only myself, but the lives of other women. That’s the responsibility I have chosen to take on.

There are so many things that people are good at, but they aren’t being done at their best capabilities. I am making a shift that being good at something, following a just cause, or creating waves of change is good but I’m putting my best foot forward and doing my best.

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