You already have it in you

“I just don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.”

This is my cryptonite statement. It’s when you can tell I’m weakening, unsure of myself, or that I’m beginning to hesitate. If you ever hear me say this, please tell me to shut up.

I don’t need to ask permission from anyone to do the things that I’m passionate about. My intentions are always very clear. I have a greatness inside of me that is spreading to others and there is no need to worry about sharing that.

Every single person has the ability to achieve whatever they want. When I coach other women around their business, personal life, or belief in themselves I make it very clear that they have a unique set of qualities that defines the way that they can achieve greatness.

The only permission you need is from yourself.

Give yourself permission to learn more about what makes you unique. Give yourself permission to dive into belief in yourself. Give yourself permission to be the best version of YOU. Give yourself permission to be great.

Today’s world is telling us that our greatness, our uniqueness, is something that can be cancelled, wiped out of people’s minds, and taken away from us. Today’s world is WRONG.

You have the potential to make change. You have the potential to heal, love, and rise above and take others with you.

No more permission needed.

If you would like to learn more about coaching with me in a way that honors your desires and keeps you true to who you are wired to be, check out my coaching page and sign up for a discovery call.

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