Everything is possible

This quote comes across my journal quite a bit and is very powerful.

I’ve always known that everything is possible, even the things you think you could never do like jump out of a plane or hold a snake. You COULD do the things you think you would never do if you absolutely had to. It isn’t that you don’t have the power to do the impossible, you just might not ever need or want to do it.

I have a strong belief anything that crosses my path is not by coincidences. All possibilities and opportunities happen for a reason. When this happens, I think about all the possibilities. Will this challenge me? Will it give me growth? Will it benefit me? How will it support my path in life? I decide if it’s possible to add to my always full plate.

I am starting a 14 day detox and hormone balancing challenge on Monday. It seems an impossible task right now. I’m not prepared, I haven’t read up on everything that I need to, and I’m feeling the need to find excuses as to why it will be impossible to take on. That’s not because I can’t do it. This is one of those opportunities where I’m Possible! I can do all the things in the challenge. I can remove certain foods from my diet. I can add some movement and exercise to my day. This isn’t an impossible task. It’s a challenging task and it won’t be easy but I am choosing to do it because it is possible for me to succeed.

You don’t have to do everything and be everything. Do the impossible things when they give you something in return. Trying to do something impossible that has no reward will make you miserable.

Go out there today and keep this quote running through your head. “I’m possible!”

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