Hold Your People Near

Over the Easter weekend I got to spend time with my cherished people, my family. It was our usual gathering of everyone in our immediate family. We laughed, ate, and visited all day. We watched the kids hunt Easter eggs and ate some more.

That morning, my daughter asked me a question that opened my eyes to a few things, “Where did the Easter Bunny come from?”

I explained to her that in all honesty, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know, or couldn’t remember, the story of the Easter Bunny but I did know why people really gathered on Easter. I explained to her how sacred this day is to many people in many different ways and her innocent, child-like response was, “Then why the heck is there a bunny?”

That conversation sparked something. I realized that my family tradition used to be a celebration of the true meaning of Easter and it slowly morphed into a bunny holiday (nothing against bunnies). And then I thought about the holiday celebrations we had, or couldn’t have, over the past year. That made me reflect on making sure that I remember, and I teach my children, what these holiday’s are really about. Family and loved ones, and faith.

I also had a conversation with my Grandmother about the bonds of family. Some people have strong family bonds, and some people don’t. There are some people who are ok with letting family members drift out of their lives permanently, even their parents or children. And there are some people who let anyone be their Auntie or Uncle, mom or dad.

I was explaining to Grandma that I value the bond of family very much, true from the loins family. And I believe that I have that strong sense of connection because of the way that I was raised. I’m not a “everyone is family” type of person. I know about almost everyone in my family, their parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. I also know that sometimes circumstances take family away from each other and that getting that connection back is very important.

We started talking about some of the people in our family that we have completely lost track of and my Grandma said, “It really hurts to know that I have could have grandchildren or great-grandchildren out there that I will never know.”

That hurt me to hear. I think as a person gets older they want to have those connections, they desire to know their family and will start searching for those who have drifted away. And I realized, I don’t want to wait that long. I don’t want to think about missing out on relationships with family.

I also thought about the friendships that I have, the ones that are growing, and the ones that have drifted away. Every time this subject comes up I think of one relationship in particular that was torn apart and it was a family AND friend all in one. I will always look back on that relationship with some sorrow for loosing something so valuable.

As you head out today, give everyone a good squeeze. Make amends with someone. Or reach out to someone you’ve been missing. They say it’s never too late, but in reality, it could be too late. Don’t wait.

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