My family gives me emotional sustainability every day. That’s not a product you can buy each month, a gadget you can use each week, or an essential oil you can use every day. It’s human interaction with the people that I love more than anything in this world.

I talk to people quite a bit about sustainability and what it means to me. I will invest in something with high sustainability. I will take the time to learn more about things that will continue to support me, my family, or my business for many years to come. I will order products that I use day in and day out and I will do that every month.

But I don’t often talk about how I sustain myself emotionally. A person has to be able to keep the energy flowing, the stamina strong, and the creativity flowing but that can’t be done without a sustainable product to use day in and day out. For me that sustainable product is my family. They remind me of what I’m working for, how far I’ve come, and where we will be in the future. Their love keeps my fires lit. Being able to share what’s coming keeps my positivity high. What my family gives me is very unique.

We snuck away for a few days to get out of the house and do something fun together. Those few days gave me some reminders of what I am working so hard to accomplish. They also gave me a reminder to slow down, take the time to be with my family, and enjoy all the little things with them, even the fighting and whining. We did some new things together and some old things that we love doing. We had some experiences that I’m sure the kids will remember for a long time. Most of all, we had time together, something that is sustainable and physically needed to be emotionally healthy.

There are many near and dear moments that my family has given me. Those moments keep me going and keep me striving to make this world better for our time here together and their time together in the future.

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