Something New

What’s new today? Anything? Same old same old?

Today’s quote had me wondering what new thought I could embrace and what strength that would create?

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something new because there is so much old on your plate. A few days ago I really took the time to get some of the old off my plate. I had this file folder labeled “Working On”. The label should have actually read “Stuff I’m Avoiding” because that’s where I shoved everything that didn’t have importance at the time. Then I would forget I shoved it in there. I would go through this folder occasionally and realize a deadline got missed or something important slipped through the cracks. I went through the entire folder. The urgent stuff I put on my desk and the non-urgent stuff is still within sight. No more folder to get lost in, nothing to get set on top of it, and nothing to be missed.

I also finished my 2020 filing. Looking back on 2020 and all that got done, despite being confined to our house, was pretty amazing. We spent less money on shopping, had bigger grocery bills but better food was eaten, and we were able to shuffle some finances around to take advantage of some of the benefits out there, like lower interest rates.

All of this putting away and organizing gave me my new thought for the day. If I embrace putting things away, completing something, and moving on to the next thing my productivity will be strengthened.

There are many ways that I am productive during a day. I have my regular morning routine, my 2 hours of Zoom meetings and phone calls, and then my attention to my house, husband, kids, animals, and whatever else pops in my path. I don’t do something magnificent or extravagant every day. I have days of pjs and binge TV. But even on those days I’ll be crocheting or catching up on something that fits in my cozy place on the couch.

I want to challenge you to find a new thought today? Then think of what new strength will that build? Or will that new thought strengthen something you already do?

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